Emscher Landscape Park

Picture: Garden paths in the Emscher Landscape Park Photo: RVR/Maier-Jantzen
Discovering the green heart of the Ruhr Metropolis ... More

Excursion destinations

Picture: The Hafentempel (harbour temple) in the Archaeological Park of Xanten. Photo: Axel Thünker

Travelling to culture, nature and history of industry

The metropolis has more than 1,000 excursion destinations on offer. Residents and visitors have a choice between museums, parks and gardens, castles and palaces, industrial heritage and remodelled tips. The industrial-heritage landscape of the Ruhr region unites pre-industrial history, the coal and steel industry history and new cultural impulses, which are triggered by the structural transformation. ... More
A barrel as exhibition location: The Gasometer in Oberhausen. Photo: RVR/Lueger

Industrial Heritage Trail

New life in old industrial monuments

Winding towers, blast furnaces, the Gasometer and smelting works are witnesses to the industrial past of the Ruhr Metropolis. The former industrial plants shaped the region and are accessible today on the Industrial Heritage Trail. Approximately five million visitors set out on the circuit annually. ... More
The FIFA Women’s World Cup in Bochum was one of the top events in the Ruhr sports metropolis in 2011. Photo: OK 2011/Kunz

Ruhr sports grounds

International competitions and sport for everyone

Not one weekend passes without competitions, tournaments and league matches in the Ruhr Metropolis. In fact, the Ruhr region is a regular host for international sport events. The local recreational and trend-setting sportspersons can get active on thousands of sports facilities. ... More

Cycling & hiking

Along the Erzbahn route by recumbent bicycle. Photo: RVR Lueger
En route by bicycle and on foot on comfortable paths ... More

Experiencing nature

Forest landscape in the Elfringhauser Schweiz in the south of the Ruhr Metropolis. Photo: RVR

Green oases and blooming wasteland

The countryside and the nature of the Ruhr Metropolis were rigorously used in the coal and steel industry era. This encroachment is still evident today, but it also lends the Ruhr region an unforeseen appeal. The woodlands and nature reserves, river valleys, channels and water expanses are popular excursion destinations in the urban landscape today. ... More

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