En route by bicycle and on foot

Onto the saddle or into you hiking boots: Hundreds of kilometres of cycle paths and hiking paths cross the Ruhr Metropolis. They lead into nature, to industrial heritage and connect cities with each other.

A fresh breeze refreshes those walking along the canal. Photo: RVR
Picture: Hikers along the canal. Photo: RVR

Comfortable stretches

The combined cycle and hiking paths often lead along the water or on old railway tracks. The former industrial transport routes have little inclination and are seldom crossed by streets. Therefore, all stretches are suited to cycling, hiking and jogging. The outdoor season officially begins every year with the Ruhr Valley Cycle Route festival and the Ruhr region Hiking Day..

Along the Erzbahn route by recumbent bicycle. Photo: RVR Lueger
Picture: Along the Erzbahn route by recumbent bicycle. Photo: RVR Lueger

From city to city

Cyclists get to work or to their excursion destination without traffic jams as numerous routes connect the cities in the Ruhr region. On the railway embankment of the former Erzbahn, a cycle path leads to Bochum, Herne and Gelsenkirchen. Particularly students can cycle the 21 kilometres between the university locations of Essen and Duisburg. The daily cycling network is well signposted and connected to the tourist routes.

Cyclists in the Duisburg-Nord Landscape Park. Photo: RVR/Frebel
Picture: Cyclists in the Duisburg-Nord Landscape Park. Photo: RVR/Frebel

Going on an adventure tour

Right outside their front doors, cyclists can embark on tours in the countryside and to industrial monuments. The Ruhr Valley Cycle Route runs along the river in the southern Ruhr region; en route you can do some sightseeing or go on a boat trip. The Industrial Heritage Trail is also accessible over 700 kilometres of cycle and hiking paths. The main arteries are the Emscher Park Cycle Path and the Ruhr region circuit. The ErlebnisRadtouren (experience bicycle tours) offer attractive stretches for families, sportspersons and culture fans, which the Ruhr Regional Association has developed and which present the industrial era and the structural transformation over 14 to 40 kilometres.

metropolradruhr stations are found at all focal traffic points. Photo: RVR
Picture: metropolradruhr station Photo: RVR

Renting a bike

All visitors of the Ruhr Metropolis can be mobile with rented bicycles. More than 20 Revierrad bicycle stations rent out high-quality bicycles along the Industrial Heritage Trail, including tandems, recumbent and electric bicycles. Since 2010, one can make bicycle bookings at metropolradruhr by SMS. The service is being expanded. 300 stations are being planned at focal points in the Ruhr Metropolis.

Hikers en route. Photo: RVR/Schejok
Picture: Hikers en route. Photo: RVR/Schejok

The Ruhr region for hikers

Hikers can discover the Ruhr region on the same paths as the cyclists. Idyllic tours lead pedestrians e.g. through the Elfringhauser Schweiz near Hattingen or to lakes and forests around Duisburg. Even pilgrims can embark in the Ruhr Metropolis, as Jacob’s Path leads right through the Ruhr region from Dortmund via Essen to Spain.

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