Using strengths for innovative industries

Energy, logistics, healthcare management and chemistry are the Ruhr Metropolis fields of expertise. Added to this are the cross-sectional technologies of microsystem technology as well as nano and materials technology, which are used in different sectors.

Fields of expertise position a region in the global competition by further developing existing strengths. New products and technologies are made marketable to stimulate economic growth and to generate jobs from the fields of expertise.

Power plant technology from the Ruhr Metropolis assumes a leading position internationally. Photo: RVR/Hofknecht
Picture: Cooling tower. Photo: RVR/Hofknecht


The Ruhr Metropolis is a leading centre for energy supply and technology - also after the coal era. The field of expertise incorporates corporate groups such as RWE and E.ON Ruhrgas, machine and plant builders, as well as medium-sized businesses which are specialised in the use of renewable energy. Approximately 80,000 people work in the energy sector. The significant energy trade show “E-world energy & water” has been held in Essen since 2001.

logport logistics centre in Duisburg-Rheinhausen. Photo: RVR/Oberhäuser
Picture: Container at the Duisburg port. Photo: RVR/Oberhäuser


A third of the 100 most important logistics companies are located in the Ruhr Metropolis, where the sector is experiencing an above-average growth. The region is easily accessible traffic-wise and has a very favourable geographic position in Europe. About 160,000 people work in logistics and related sectors. The TU Dortmund initiated the first study course for logistics and with the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics in Dortmund the biggest logistic research institute worldwide is also situated in the Ruhr region.

Healthcare management is a staff-intensive service industry. Photo: RVR/Lichtblick
Picture: Doctors performing surgery. Photo: RVR/Lichtblick

Healthcare management

The people of the Ruhr Metropolis can choose between 9,000 doctors and 130 hospitals - they live in an area with one of the highest clinic densities in Europe. With almost 230,000 employees, the healthcare management sector is one of the biggest job markets. The sector is also marked by high quality; for example the University Clinic in Essen has a proton therapy centre to treat cancer precisely and gently.


The Ruhr Metropolis is a site for basic chemistry. Here, over 300 companies of the chemical industry are in production - the biggest being the Degussa corporate group in Essen and the Chemiepark Marl industrial complex. The strength of this region lies in these chemical parks, which are connected to a dense transport network and branched pipeline systems. The chemical field of expertise employs over 25,000 people.

Cross-sectional technology

The region has a high competency in research and development of microsystem technology, nano and materials technology, as well in the respective companies. The cross-sectional technologies are significant in the development of new products and processes in many areas of application.

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