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Bild: Städte und Gemeinden in der Metropole Ruhr
Ruhr region cities, history, structural transformation ... More

Colourful life in the Ruhr Metropolis

Essen's Skyline in the center of the Ruhr region. Foto: RVR/Luhnen

Star architects are involved in Ruhr region building projects

The urban landscape in the Ruhr Metropolis is multifaceted – and surprising: The architecture ranges from listed pit workers' settlements to futuristic glass constructions. In the middle, creative minds have settled down with original ideas and talent workshops are providing for an ambitious young generation. ... More
Picture: Schalke 04 football club fans. Photo: RVR/Oberhäuser

Typically Ruhr region

This is not only the home of football

Barbeque in the allotment garden, football at the stadium and sweets from the kiosk - typical aspects of neighbourhood life in the Ruhr region. This closeness and conviviality is especially popular amongst young families. ... More
Children at the Zollverein World Heritage Site: Photo: Zollverein/Willemsen

Life circumstances

Offers for almost all life situations

The offers for families, newcomers, handicapped persons and for gays and lesbians are as multifaceted as the population - they and many other groups are at home in the Ruhr Metropolis. ... More
The Ruhr Metropolis is easy to access from all over via the motorways.

Metropolis in motion

Dense transport networks create quick links

The Ruhr Metropolis never rests: Day and night the traffic arteries pulsate in the easily accessible conurbation. Whether by car, by train, over the water or through the air - the destination is never far off. ... More

Guide for expats & business travellers

The Ruhr edition of Amazing Capitals expat guides is packed with knowledge designed to make living easier for international business professionals arriving and staying in the exciting Ruhr Metropolis.

Discover "must do’s” and "great do’s”, read initial information on expat life, about getting registered or settled, find restaurants, bistros, clubs, other English speakers and almost everything else plus a general feel for this great region.