In the clean room of the Duisburg-based Fraunhofer Institute for Microelectronic Circuits and Systems. Photo: RVR/Oberhäuser

Research sector

Well connected

The research sector in the Ruhr Metropolis distinguishes itself through high density and diversity. Universities, research facilities and companies promote new ideas and products and are committed to the Ruhr region as a university location. ... More
Drill bit Photo: Katja Winkler/GZB

Research competence

The tradition of research and discovery

The Ruhr region has become the industrial heart of Europe through its innovations. Scientists and researchers continue this tradition by providing new insight into many disciplines. Application-oriented research is particularly well established in the Ruhr Metropolis. Their interdisciplinary cooperation is the basis of their success. ... More
There are lots of different smells to discover in the cartridges of the “Riechbaum” - the smelling tree. Photo: Phänomania Erfahrungsfeld (Discovery Field)

Science made popular

Hands-on research

Science for everyone in the Ruhr Metropolis: Universities and research institutes invite you to public lectures, student laboratories and children's universities. The museums also impart scientific knowledge in an exciting and comprehensible manner. ... More
FH (University of Applied Sciences) Gelsenkirchen students have developed a transverse flux machine. It can make wind turbines more effective. Photo: FHG


Unlimited study opportunities

The young and dense higher education landscape in the Ruhr Metropolis draws students and scientists from the region and far beyond. The first universities were founded in the 1960s and triggered the structural transformation of this area of steel and coal production to a knowledge metropolis. ... More

The Regional Association Ruhr (RVR) plans, develops and builds together with the municipalities of the Ruhr Metropolis


Be our guest! Ruhr Tourismus (RTG) answers all questions related to travelling in the Ruhr Metropolis


The regional business development company, Wirtschaftsförderung metropole Ruhr GmbH (wmr), is the service partner for companies and investors



The University Alliance Metropolis Ruhr (UAMR), was founded by the Universities of Bochum, Dortmund and Duisburg-Essen to form joint focal points in research and education.

University Alliance Metropolis Ruhr