Ruhr parliament

Buildings belonging to the Ruhr Regional Association. Photo: RVR/Schumacher
The Ruhr parliament embraces the region politically ... More

Projects for the region

Picnic on the Hoheward tip. Photo: RVR/Schejok

The Ruhr Regional Association enhances the quality of life

The main function of the Ruhr Regional Association is to develop the attractiveness of the Ruhr Metropolis. The association has taken over the project sponsorship for the Industrial Heritage Trail and the Emscher Landscape Park, both of which attract a great number of visitors. It has founded various associated companies and owner-operated enterprises for the leisure, ecology, economy and tourism sectors. ... More
Excerpt of the regional plan. Source: District government of Arnsberg

Regional planning

Future targets

With regional plans, the Ruhr Regional Association creates the framework conditions for the land use in the cities and communities. Since 2009, the Ruhr Regional Association has been responsible once again for decisions regarding developmental planning in the Ruhr Metropolis. The federal function of regional planning used to be executed by three regional governments; for almost 35 years this has been leading to a trisection in the planning of the Ruhr region. ... More
Morning atmosphere in the Schlosswald Herten. Photo: RVR Ruhr Grün

Open spaces and nature conservation

The Ruhr region is a green metropolis

The Ruhr Regional Association plans and maintains nature and open spaces in the Ruhr Metropolis to ensure a high standard of living for the people. The owner-operated company RVR Ruhr Grün is actively involved in leisure, nature conservation and environmental education. The Ruhr Regional Association supports the communities in improving their urban climate and in air purification efforts. ... More
The Ruhr Regional Association presents itself at the didacta Trade Fair for Education and Training. Photo: RVR/Thies

Public relations

Marketing for the region

From an area of steel and coal production to Capital of Culture: The Ruhr region is developing into a new type of metropolis - supported by the public relations of the Ruhr Regional Association. With different publications, an internet portal, diverse teaching materials and the offers of RuhrTouren, the metropolis is making itself known in Europe. ... More

What does the Ruhr Regional Association (RVR) do?

The Ruhr Regional Association (RVR), with its offices in Essen, is the regional hub of the 11 independent municipalities and four districts of the Ruhr Metropolis with its approx. 5.2 million inhabitants.

The Ruhr Regional Association is responsible for the regional planning for the Ruhr region. It is the sponsor of significant infrastructure project such as the Industrial Heritage Trail and the Emscher Landscape Park. The Ruhr Regional Association has been working on improving the quality of life in the Ruhr region for more than 80 years. It maintains and preserves green open spaces for recreation and leisure.

Its legal functions also include the regional business and tourism development, as well as public relations for the Ruhr Metropolis. Together with its municipal partners it carries the seven Ruhr region and leisure parks.

The Ruhr Regional Association also collects geo and climate data about the region and makes it accessible to its member municipalities, amongst others for planning reasons.