The Changing Metropolis Ruhr – A Survey

This survey RIS COMPACT is based on the Regional Information System "RIS" (Regionalkundliches Informationssystem) and is an initiative of the Regionalverband Ruhr/RVR. The extended version comprises more than 1,000 screen pages.

This information system is a history book covering the development up to 2005/2010. It addresses persons that want to be informed about the historical and physical foundations and the structural changes of the Ruhr since the 1970s. Particularly addressed are students, pupils and their teachers and interested persons from outside the sciences. This English version has been enlarged by references published in English since 2000.

Regional Information System Ruhrgebiet – Compact<br>Source: RVR-photo archive
Regional Information System Ruhrgebiet – Compact

RIS COMPACT is less focused on data and figures, but on contexts and processes; this survey should be read as an outline of The Ruhr and the Metropolis Ruhr resp., its structural change so far and the perspectives of the region in the future.

The copyright lies with the Regionalverband Ruhr and the authors. RIS has to be cited as: Butzin, B.: (2013): The Changing Metropolis Ruhr – A Survey.

RIS COMPACT comprises six main themes which are divided in various subthemes; they are focused on the structural changes since the 1970s and the time after the decline of the heavy industries.

The six main chapters are:
1 Fundamentals and beginnings
2 The era of the coal and steel industry
3 Renewing the infrastructure
4 Renewing urban areas
5 Renewing the economy
6 Perspectives for the future


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