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Picture: Cities and communities in the Ruhr Metropolis
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Picture: View of the Gasometer in Oberhausen

The Ruhr region is the new Ruhr Metropolis

High-tech instead of blast furnaces, collieries as new venues for cultural events, party district instead of workers’ pub. The monumental structural transformation from an area of steel and coal production to a European metropolis of the 21st century is at full throttle. The 53 Ruhr region cities are working together to implement the transformation - and are pleased about active citizens, immigrants and visitors, who want to be part of the region’s change.
Picture: Garden paths in the Emscher Landscape Park.  Photo: RVR/Maier-Jantzen

Discovering and experiencing

Leisure activities for active people

Get out of the house and get cycling on comfortable cycle paths or go hiking in the open countryside. The Ruhr Metropolis offers multifaceted options for leisure and recuperation. A unique flair with imposing industrial-heritage monuments and lovingly restored castles and palaces guarantees delightful experiences. ... More
Picture: Opening ceremony of the Ruhrfestspiele (Ruhr theatre festival) in 2010.  Photo:  Ruhrfestspiele (Ruhr theatre festival)


Multifaceted cultural life

Festivals and festivities, theatre and dance, museums and concerts offer highlights throughout the year. Classical music fans are catered for as are lovers of avant-garde art experiments. Exceptional theatre productions are produced in former industrial halls - today cathedrals of the industrial heritage. But the Ruhr Metropolis has also brought forth its very own cultural productions. ... More

Science & research

Picture: In the clean room of the Duisburg-based Fraunhofer Institute for Microelectronic Circuits and Systems. Photo: RVR/Oberhäuser
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Fields of expertise

Picture: logport logistics centre in Duisburg-Rheinhausen.  Photo:  RVR/Oberhäuser
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Typical Ruhr region

Picture: Children at the Zollverein World Heritage Site:  Photo: Zollverein/Willemsen
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The Regional Association Ruhr (RVR) plans, develops and builds together with the municipalities of the Ruhr Metropolis


Be our guest! Ruhr Tourismus (RTG) answers all questions related to travelling in the Ruhr Metropolis


The regional business development company, Wirtschaftsförderung metropole Ruhr GmbH (wmr), is the service partner for companies and investors


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Local public transport:
The Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Ruhr transport association

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