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The Ruhr Metropolis is truly on its way. The monumental structural change from a mining district to a creative, 21st century metropolis is in full swing.

Night-time satellite view of London, Paris, and Ruhr Metropolis. Graphics: RUHR.2010
Image: Satellite foto

The 53 towns of the Ruhr region are working together as the recently defined Ruhr Metropolis for transformation through culture. This is being strengthened by being designated a "European Capital of Culture" under the banner RUHR.2010, which is guaranteeing further awareness for the region with its 5.2 million residents.

"Arrive as a guest and leave as a friend"*

Whether as a visitor to the region wishing to experience the Capital of Culture first hand, as a student who has discovered an interesting discipline at one of the numerous universities, as a newcomer who has made a career move or simply as an expat living in the Ruhr Metropolis, here is a platform that guides you to the most important English language websites on offer.

Information for Visitors und Tourists

For information concerning questions on tourism or for skilled advice on travel to the Capital of Culture, the Ruhr Tourismus GmbH is a perfect contact. Beside tips on the region, employees offer professional service on travel planning, such as complete packages, individual travel modules, accommodation, day trips, excursions, guided tours, information material and much more.


Information for Investors

As a service company, the economic promotion agency, wmr together with local economic development organisations is the central service provider and contact partner for all economic issues relating to the Ruhr Metropolis. Consultation teams offer regional know-how, effective consultation tools, regionally adapted processes and contact with all networks operating in the region.


Background Information

How does the Metropole Ruhr really tick? Insider tips and tricks to help get to know the region can be found on our partner site:

Amazing Capitals is a touchdown system of websites designed to make living easy for those just arriving somewhere new or preparing to move on elsewhere. The expat city guide for the Ruhr supplies initial information on how to get settled, registered, where to find the first few restaurants, associations and clubs or other English speakers and offers a general feel for the place.



* "Zu uns kommt man als Gast. Und geht als Kumpel."
Editors note: The local German word "Kumpel" means both a miner as well as a pal, a mate, a buddy.

The Headquarters

The Regional Association Ruhr (Regionalverband Ruhr) is an affiliation of 53 towns in the Ruhr. Its "Ruhr Parliament", the assembly of the member towns, guarantees regional consensus and fair coordination of interests within the region.

The Regional Association Ruhr takes responsibility for regional cluster projects such as the "Route Industriekultur", the industrial heritage trail, the "Emscher Landschaftspark", the Emscher landscape park and the chain of the dumps and "Landmarken", landmarks.

Since its foundation in 1920, its prominent goal has been to improve living conditions in the conurbation of the Ruhr region. The former coal districts and recreational parks, the extended woodlands and nature reserves and also numerous further projects for the expansion of the recreational infrastructure bear true witness.

Kontakt & Infos

Regionalverband Ruhr
Kronprinzenstraße 35
D-45128 Essen
Telefon: +49 (0) 201 / 2069-0
Telefax: +49 (0) 201 / 2069-500

Ruhr Tourismus GmbH (RTG)
Centroallee 261
D-46047 Oberhausen
Telefon: +49 (0) 208 / 89959-0

metropoleruhr GmbH
Ruhrstraße 1
D-45468 Mülheim an der Ruhr
Telefon: +49 (0) 208 / 30 55 29-0
Telefax: +49 (0) 208 / 30 55 29-99